The B.J. Palmer Memorial Home

Chiropractic interest: BJ Palmer Memorial HomeChiropractors, more than most other health practitioners, have a strong sense of history, maybe because the profession is relatively young. Those of us who have a few years under our belts actually met and talked with people who met and talked with B.J. – and some of those people had met and talked with D.D. The “seven degrees of separation” between us and the founder and developer of chiropractic shrinks to two or three for many of us.

Those of you who were at the New Beginnings seminar earlier this year were treated to a gallery of great historic photos, and it was fascinating to take a look at Palmer College and some of the other historic locations that played such an important role in our history.

If you live in or travel to Florida, be sure to visit the B.J. Palmer Memorial Home, B.J.’s winter residence and where he died in 1961. The B.J. Palmer Historic Home Foundation has taken great care to preserve the home’s authenticity and surrounding gardens. They collected an amazing number of B.J.’s personal items and restored the home to its original appearance and splendor as much as possible.

You get to see dozens of rare photographs, newspaper articles, memorabilia, and original furniture. B.J.’s bedroom, including all original furnishings, remains exactly as it was when he died. The four remaining bedrooms including B.J.’s Hideaway (a private upstairs suite) are being remodeled to reflect the Floridian style.

The B. J. Palmer Memorial Home – located on St. Armand’s Key in Sarasota, overlooking Pansy Bayou, a manatee protected waterway – is within walking distance to Lido Beach, exclusive shops, and fine restaurants. One of B.J.’s favorite restaurants, The Columbia, is a short 10-minute walk from the house and still serves his favorite Cuban foods.

Starting in mid-July, the house should be available for over-night stays.  If you can’t get there to visit personally, you can support the maintenance of this important part of chiropractic heritage by donating to the Foundation – a donation of $2,500 puts you at the Atlas Level … $1,500 at the Axis Level.

By the way, the Foundation is currently re-organizing everything from the Home’s  website, tour information, brochure, staff, etc.  They also plan to remodel several guest rooms for use by donors who can schedule an exclusive 3-7 day visit to the B.J. Palmer Home.

For more information, contact Susan Wall of the B.J. Palmer Historic Home Foundation at 770-438-9577 or

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