DCs are coming up in the world!

Even though I’m Jewish and celebrated Hanukah earlier in the month, I enjoy the entire holiday season, including Christmas. Like so many others — of all religions — I find myself caught up in the gift-giving frenzy, which can enhance (as well as spoil) the holidays.

This year, I was amused to see a few gifts being sold online that indicate just how “mainstream” the chiropractic profession has become. Can you imagine some of these items being manufactured and marketed even a decade ago? All of them were offered through CafePress:

Christmas Tree Ornament
Baby jumper
Bumper Sticker
Ipod case
Christmas Stocking

You have to know that when you make it on a Christmas stocking, you’re definitely part of the “in crowd!”

Hope you all had a joyous holiday season and that the coming year will be your best ever!

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