Using our ‘brain-world interface’

Wheel chair controlled by brain waves

The wheelchair developed by Toyota that is controlled by user brain waves

A couple of years ago, a Japanese company developed a wheelchair that could be controlled by the user’s brain waves. The announcement kindled a wave of “brain-machine interface” (BMI) devices that clearly demonstrated the energy output of the brain was sufficient to have a direct and visible effect on our material world. Today, engineers and scientists have taken that technology a step further and are developing wireless neural interfaces – “wifi” for the brain. They have even had success with a “thought-to-speech” device where a person can transmit thoughts and have them translated into synthesized speech.

Users control the machines by concentrating their thoughts on the action they want to take. They think about MOVING FORWARD, or they focus on the words they want to convey. In other words, they hold in their minds their intention, and their bioenergetic field translates that intention into action.

Despite the quickly accumulating wealth of research and evidence proving that the human body is a powerful energy system, science has been slow to accept the next logical conclusion: that we have, and can fully develop, our own natural BMI that allows us to control our bodies and surroundings just as directly as the “brain-machine interface” controls the wheelchair.

Most scientists and medical researchers are reluctant to talk about the body’s energetic fields because they’ve been ridiculing the notion for so long. Concepts of chi, chakras, and prana have been around for millennia but they have been dismissed as unscientific. They had no place in the scientist’s worldview and definitely not in the realm of medical treatment. Old wives tales. Quackery. Crackpot pseudo-science. Superstitions.

No wonder they can’t admit there’s any validity to the idea of the body’s subtle energy fields. Or, when their own research forces them to admit the power of the mind, they feel it necessary to disguise the concept with terms like psychophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology, and cognitive and affective neuroscience.

But that’s okay. Maybe it’s time to stop expecting or even needing the “old” science to validate new concepts – or revitalized ancient ones. We need to be our own scientific research unit, accumulating knowledge with open minds and positive intentions. We need to apply what we learn to our everyday lives and be mindful of the effect our thoughts have on our health, happiness, and spiritual development.

There’s an easy experiment we can all perform. Spend the next five days keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts and intentions. If you find yourself thinking of problems, or dwelling on unpleasant situations, flick your inner mental switch to something else (if you can’t control your own thoughts, who can?). If you catch yourself carping and complaining over something or someone, flick the mental switch. It doesn’t matter if you have to do this a hundred (or a thousand) times a day, keep doing it.

Of course, five days of emitting thoughts on a positive frequency may not automatically change your entire being, which is the result of a lifetime of thought transmissions, but you may be amazed at the results you see and feel.

A Harvard research study conducted by psychologist David McClelland measured the antibody Salivary Immunoglobin-A in subjects before having them watch a film showing Mother Teresa tending to orphans. Watching the film not only touched the subjects emotionally but it also elevated the SIG-A levels in their body, strengthening their immune response.

This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, using the BMI, the wheelchair responded to brain waves in as little as 125 milliseconds. Using your built-in brain-world interface, your body and surroundings are capable of responding just as rapidly. And, thankfully, you don’t need electrode implants to make your BMI work!

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  1. Mind Control has worked wonders for me throughout the couple of years that I’ve been listening to it. I had remarkable outcomes in a brief time frame and I still continue to listen to the entrainment sessions every single day.

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