DCs are coming up in the world!

This year, I was amused to see a few gifts being sold online that indicate just how “mainstream” the chiropractic profession has become. Can you imagine some of these items being manufactured and marketed even a decade ago? All of them were offered through CafePress.

Life lessons from everywhere

Andrew Wyns (Executive Director of Bridges of Greater New York, a transitional housing program for men struggling with addiction and being released from prison) talks about how the sport of rugby helped him become a better father, and a better person.

Excessive fructose: an “environmental toxin”

In their study, Richard J. Johnson, MD and Takahiko Nakagawa, MD (Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension, University of Colorado) provide a concise overview of recent clinical and experimental studies to understand how excessive amounts of fructose, present in added sugars, may play a role in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Keeping things in perspective

I worked hard earning my black belt in karate when I was younger. It was tough, physically and mentally. But when I learned about a young guy named Kyle Maynard, I realized how "easy" I'd had it.